Accelerating Digital Innovation for Better Decision Making

Hosted by Slingshot Simulations

Leaders across all industry sectors are investing in digital transformation to drive innovation, reduce costs and deliver better solutions to their customers.

Yet many are struggling to implement or scale beyond proof of concept or demonstrate quantified return on investment. Join us in this panel discussion as those investing in and driving cutting edge digital twin and related technologies share their perspectives on how to successfully drive digital innovation and make better decisions.


If you’re interested in implementing cutting-edge digital solutions, then attend this event to learn how to use digital technology to:

– Drive innovation

– Reduce costs

– Enable better decision making

This event provides a unique opportunity to hear from thought leaders at the forefront of the digital revolution and ask questions to build valuable network connections.


Speakers include:

Laura Mills – Infratech Advisory, KPMG

Dan Isaacs – CTO, Digital Twin Consortium

Zandra Moore – CEO, Panintelligence

Stephen Crow – Strategy Director, Clarion Solicitors

David McKee (Moderator) – CEO Slingshot Simulations

Coding & Software Development, Data, Investing and Fundraising
Accelerating Digital Innovation for Better Decision Making
21st Sep 2021 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Hosted by Slingshot Simulations

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