A framework for empathy in design: With the right catitude, anything is pawsible

Hosted by Hippo Digital

We all know that cats can be a menace sometimes, but how does this change our approach to design?

Using methods and tools that put the user at the forefront of product design and development, we will take the participants through the user-centred design process to create a service that works.

In this workshop, participants will be presented with a scenario and equipped with the tools to design a way to solve a fictional problem. They will explore the fundamental principles of user-centred design, learning how to understand and empathise with the user.

From user needs to empathy mapping to prototyping, this session is one to get your claws into and leave you feline good.

Benefits of attending

  • Learning the fundamentals of user-centred design
  • Collaborating and networking with participants from various backgrounds and contexts
  • Meeting and discussing your design challenges with our expert facilitators
  • Getting access to tools and methods that you can take away and use
  • Have fun and get creative!


Full-day workshop of engaging activities introducing participants to working in a ‘design sprint’. Participants will collaborate to solve a problem using design methodology. From journey mapping to prototyping solutions and even conducting some user research. Our design in a day allows participants to get creative, learning to apply user-centred design tools in their own context.

Speaker: Lydia Teebay

Senior UX Designer at Hippo Digital

Lydia is a passionate and user-centred designer with a wealth of experience in digital and print user experience design. She is a versatile designer that has held senior roles in creative design, management, tech and product.

A framework for empathy in design: With the right catitude, anything is pawsible
29th Sep 2022 10:00am - 4:00pm
Hosted by Hippo Digital
Aireside House

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