Digital never stops in Leeds

Leeds Digital Festival 2022 will be the best yet! With more speakers, more venues and more fascinating areas of digital being brought to life in our city this year, we’re proud to be Premier Sponsors.

‘Digital innovation’ is everywhere you look in Leeds, especially at Crisp. Whether you’re interested in how advanced online safety technology is protecting young people by uncovering hidden connections amongst bad actors, protecting football clubs and their players from hate speech and online abuse, or how global brands protect their reputations in a 24/7/365 social media world, we hope to meet you at a Crisp event during this year’s Leeds Digital Festival.



Our innovation keeps the Digital world safe 

​​Established in 2005, Crisp began by protecting children and teenagers using online games, apps and social networks from paedophiles and child exploitation groups. Since then, our Real-time Risk Intelligence capabilities have expanded to include trolling, hate, media, influencer, terrorist, conspiracy, election interference, bad actor, agenda-driven, fringe and community groups.

As a leading expert in fast, actionable risk intelligence, we have a unique understanding of the risk signals embedded within digital chatter. This expertise is powered by our continuously-trained Risk Intelligence Graph, which helps us to protect our customers’ brands, assets and people from reputational damage, security threats and online harms.

We have spent 16 years training our AI technology to discover and track these risk signals. As a result, Crisp customers get peace of mind, 24/7/365. Today Crisp protects over $6.5 trillion in combined market capitalization for over 1,000 brands. Crisp customers are always first to know and first to act.

Digital chatter is one of today’s biggest challenges causing significant long-lasting damage to brands, assets and people. By joining our diverse global team of online safety experts and innovative developers you will be part of a company that makes a real difference in the world.




Careers with Crisp

When you join Crisp, you will be part of a team that stands for good. You will be challenged with interesting problems that require you to think creatively and on your feet. If something in our service or tech isn’t quite right, we change it. You will unlock new skills and discover new passions you never knew you had. What’s more, you will achieve all this knowing you’re making a meaningful difference in the world.

Crisp is where the best minds come together to challenge the way things are and craft the way things could be. From engineering cutting-edge code to using linguistics to identify and predict the latest risks and liaising with global brands, whatever you want to do next, think Crisp. See our career options.