Accelerating your digital delivery

AND Digital helps organisations accelerate their digital delivery. Providing everything from the expertise to guide decision making and change, to the talent and skills to develop incredible products, at the heart of its mission is a desire to close the world’s digital skills gap.

With offices all over the country – and now abroad – AND Digital recognises the importance of the local to build strong relationships and networks. It has been a part of the Leeds and West Yorkshire tech scene for a number of years, and with a new office opening in Leeds in September, it is excited to help drive the region forward as a leading part of the UK tech sector.



The digital skills gap

We believe it takes more than tech or data alone to win. After all, technology and digital services don’t build themselves: it takes the right people, set up in the right environment, to deliver, manage and continuously improve it.

The problem then (and now) is that the old ways of addressing these two questions – tech and people – through outsourcing, consulting, training houses or digital agencies isn’t working fast enough. Meanwhile, finding, retaining and developing in-house talent is not getting easier, either. In fact, the digital skills gap is widening.


Our approach

In 2014, we set out to close the world’s skills gap by helping companies accelerate the development of their digital capabilities. For that to happen, we believed a remarkable new type of partner was needed: one that could combine deep, hands-on tech and delivery expertise with an equally clear focus on upskilling and talent development. A partner that could advise and guide, build and deliver, teach and upskill – simultaneously.

It’s from this ambition that AND Digital was born.



Our values


There’s no end to our curiosity: we love to explore the impossible, the ‘what ifs’ – but we love to make them a reality even more.



We want to raise the bar and smash ceilings: we do this by giving back and lifting up, helping others to grow alongside us.



Good is a given: we demand more. We look for joy in the work we do, delivering services and products that people love and value.