Aire Logic is an innovative Health & Care IT Consultancy dedicated to improving the delivery of care, from the clinical staff experience to measurable patient outcomes.


Through our unique suite of health technology products, our services range from enterprise architecture and strategic consultancy to creating high-impact low-code software solutions.

Our low code platform based approach puts clinicians at the heart of innovation enabling solutions to be built and delivered in days. These solutions are easily adapted and managed locally whilst evolving to meet the ever changing requirements of NHS organisations.




Our flagship product Forms4Health is an intuitive, low code, smart data-capture platform that has been designed to put organisations in control of their digital transformation at a fraction of the cost of off the shelf solutions.

The platform now supports over 1.3 million paperless record submissions every month and is used by more than 25,000 NHS staff and over 100,000 patients.




We will be bringing fun, engaging, and thought-provoking talks and events to Leeds Digital Festival, that cover a variety of subjects, including our work and collaboration within the ever-growing health tech industry in Leeds. We’d like to showcase our involvement with local organisations and communities to help inspire others to act for good within the tech industry.