About the Leeds Digital Festival

The Leeds Digital Festival is a city-wide, open platform celebration of all things digital within Leeds, the Digital Capital of the North.

Futurelabs - Our HQ & Full of Events

We’re very lucky to been given the opportunity to work out of Futurelabs tech co-working space in the run up and during this year’s festival. Aptly named as the ‘Home of Tech’ in Leeds we are proud to have Futurelabs as our festival HQ.

Monday highlights & what to look out for today

The festival got into full swing on Monday, with a full schedule of events including everything from augmented reality, lots of data, film prizes, tough discussions and even emoji cushions.

Take Your Leeds Career Search to the Next Level

So you’re looking for a career in digital? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Over the past few years Leeds has been transforming into one of the best hubs in the country for tech, digital and the creative industries.

Spam, NHSmail, and why all squirrels are not the same.

The moral of this tale? When it comes to emails, teach your staff that not all squirrels are the same.

What’s in a game? - Beverley Bryant, Director of Digital Transformation, NHS Digital

The real Thing was, of course, Pokémon Go – one of a new breed of location-based augmented reality games, and the most popular and profitable game of 2016. It was a demonstration of the power of gaming. But did it lead us anywhere other than round the local park? Can games help our mental health?

There's a Monster in Town!

Presenting the Leeds Digital Festival Monster! Wonderfully dreamed up and brought to life by our partners Creative Race. With over 100 events, in more than 50 venues and an expected 10,000 attendees across the city, this year’s Festival really is a monster.

Ecommerce/Online Seller Day

If you work, have a business or are just interested in selling online then Thursday 27th April is a day you need to book off. On what we have now named our 'Ecommerce/Online Seller' learn how to setup and grow an online business.

Leeds Digital Festival Hits The Streets!

Less than two weeks till the start of Leeds Digital Festival 2017 & we thought we'd make sure everyone in Leeds knows about it. Posters, programmes & more!

It's a festival of festivals in Leeds!

Leeds has a number of great festivals in April and May, come along and explore.

NHS Digital’s Rob Shaw on Leeds as a digital hotspot

NHS Digital (previously HSCIC) provides national information, data and IT systems for health and care services.